Tick Tock [not the Ke$ha song]

As I am writing this, I glance again at the top-right corner of my laptop to verify- yes, it really is the 13th of July already. I can’t quite figure out where the time has gone- it has already been almost a month since I first departed for my trip to Uganda, and in just two weeks I’ll be leaving Nyagatare to begin the next phase of my journey with my parents. In exactly one month, I’ll have already begun the process of moving all of my pets and belongings into my apartment for next year, and less than a week after that, I’ll have begun classes as a second year veterinary student.

Time is a funny thing, especially here in this disconnected little town. I find it jarring sometimes to read the headlines about the rest of the world- all serving as reminders that the rest of the world is churning on as it always has done. Oftentimes, I’ll see headlines resolving stories that I hadn’t heard about in the first place. 

And then, I think about life when I go back to the United States. Time will go on here in Nyagatare in my absence, but I will remain, for the most part, disconnected. That’s the difference between a developing nation and a world superpower. Whereas even here, it is impossible to completely avoid headlines about the USA and European nations, in the USA most remain blissfully unaware of events beyond our borders or those of our closest allies. Whenever President Obama makes a speech, newscasters around the world will broadcast it, but how many tuned in, or were even aware of President Kagame’s speech on July 4th?


2 thoughts on “Tick Tock [not the Ke$ha song]

  1. President Kagame’s speech is available if anyone chooses to Google it. I found it to be an excellent, inspiring speech for Rwandans, Africans and all others.

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